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Classic Cars For Sale

Hi All. I'm getting old now, time to pass the reins to Alan, my garden calls. I'll take sensible offers on most of my cars .A sad decision but we have to move on.  I also have 20 XPAG engines in various states and'T' type bits. I'd like to sell them in one lot. I'll still be here to give advice on silly stories but it's Alan's business now.

MGTB 1939

Ive been wanting to buy this  oh so original  MG TB for 20 years.
And now I have it.
But then I was young, and now Im 81 and because of saggy knees, cant get in it !!!!
So, here it is, probably the most original TB of these vary rare cars 
Its last,marqe main distributer, bought it from his employee who had it from 1965, and according to its Buff log book, may have been the second or third owner.   My friend and last owner had the car for 58 years and as a main BMW dealer, put it into his body shop for a colour change to Black. This was of course in those days , painted in cellulose and still maintains its original, deep , shine that can only be achieved by this now forgotten finish material.
The car is in truly an example of a time warp MG as it would look after a year or so's use.
The owner had a property in the South of France and prepared the car for the journey with a new set of wheels and tyres, a full greasing, and servicing,it still has the external grease points,a luggage rack,and a five speed gearbox, fitted by me, an original box is with the car,a Thomson Steering conversion, so it steers properly, and  it needed the extra high gear for the trip and the car performed superbly.
I was amazed to find that the hood material was Wigan, the fore runner of Double Duck, [what ever that is, never seen one any way,] a Ive only seen 2 cars with it. A TA MG and this one, and its original, and  perfect.
It has the origional spotlight and Altet
After that., it was only used for the occasional show and run as the owner had other gems to drive too.
I tried many times to buy the car, but it was always priced a little high, and though it was worth it, I didnt have that amount to put it away and occasionally use it. Then when I can afford it, age stops me using it!!
Once I was a young man...
So the car is offered in lovely original condition, with nice hood, side screens and tonneau, excellent chrome and original forgotten about TB fixings.
VSCC eligible for many events, and also can gain entry for the highly prestigious, Historic Mille Miglia., and would I like to do that!
There is a romantic association about this prewar MG, used during the war and maybe part of it in some way.
It certainly has that feel about it.
If you want an original all matching numbers TB, this is it. Not over done or with modern 2 pack shiny Ford paint, but as it should be.
Im offering it under the price of some of the over restored cars and hope it is within an acceptable price structure. You can always make me an offer.


Beautiful Californian rust free MGA Mark 1 Roadster, which has been professionally converted to RHD many years ago, was described by our apprentice after a road test as " this is a fabulous MGA". As he is 19 years old and drives modern rubbish ie: a Ford....praise indeed!!
But he's right. Super-dooper rust free with excellent paintwork. 
All new brakes throughout. Recent new wires and tyres. It has MK 2 1600 seats in leather, tonneau and, I think, an unused hood..
It's horsepower is supplied from a galloping 1500cc  engine mated to the ( essential nowadays) 5 speed MK 9 gearbox. All the drivetrain is quiet and tight and for a description of it's drivability, ask Seb, our lad - it's fabulous!
And the chrome is excellent, it looks gorgeous and represents great value for money. Try an offer but not silly, cos I can be rude.



TR4A LHD F.I.A road or race car.
This beautiful bodied car was used in the film Ford v Ferrari, and has a verification certificate with it.
We were commissioned to build an FIA race car and almost finished it when it's owner, sadly, died. So we offer it for sale as is or to complete for a customer who wants to go down the F.I.A route, or even a fast road car.
The shell is superb and still has the fake brake dust from the film. Painted in Iris blue we had the floors, boot and engine compartment painted to match.
The engine is to race specification by a world class race engine company at a cost of £11,000.
Fully ported race head, gas flowed with large valves, race cam, with a wide spread, nitrided crank and matched rods, light flywheel and race clutch, all balanced and has been F.I.A  inspected and sealed.
The suspension is to F.I.A spec supplied by Revington, new brakes with braided hoses, new discs etc.
The gearbox has been rebuilt by Hardy Engineering with competition OD. The Diff has a quaif  unit.
Minitlite rep wheels are fitted.
We may sell the rolling shell and engine separately.
A superb race or road project that we can finish  for you.
All invoices for work will be supplied. U.S title and customs and NOVA certificate are all present.
Car complete £27,500 or offer


MGA Coupe

I wanted an MGA Coupe with a Mazda 5 speed gearbox so I could put a 2 ltr MGB engine in it,( which I have) and use in the winter.
I did diligent searching and found this. Its  previous owner, an aircraft engineer, had it for 42 years and fastidiously maintained it during this time, including a nice restoration, and it has a photograph record of this work being done in it's extensive history file.
It's next owner fitted a great looking wire wheel conversion and a 5 speed Mazda box, it also had a MK 6 leather upgrade seats.
I came home from hospital after having a new knee to find it had been delivered, but, horror of horrors, wih my new kneebones making bending impossible, I couldn't get in to the damn thing. ( I was going to say bloody thing bur C & C won't let me)
So now my dream coupe can be yours. It's a fabulous car too, both to see, and drive and I still would like to use it - maybe if I have a leg off....
So take advantage of my diligent search, and become the new, immensely satisfied owner for £23,995 or make me cry with an offer.

Fiat Fiorino Van

1981 VERY RARE FIAT FIORINO VAN 1100cc in nice condition, bought for us to use but nobody does, all original, nice inside, 100 miles trip in it last week, so it’s reliable, RHD. £3,950




For Sale

I have about 20 XPAG engines , cranks, and T type spares for sale in used and  un running condition from £1000. Please enquire.

Alan can supply rebuilt units for any T Type and to any specification.

Collection and delivery from anywhere in Europe .

Id like to sell the lot if you feel you would like to get into the XPAG world. 

We rebuild SU s and supply Derrington original and new inlet and exhaust manifolds. 

We set up vintage race cars and can build your dream from scratch.

Long chats and sharing of experiences and bullshit along with old jokes, 

in fact, if its old, its probably been worked on by us.

Try us , youll like the outcome.

Hope fully....





Built for his wedding in 1960, the owner has kept it

ever since. It may be described as Interesting and

ready for a brave person to reconstruct. Original

engine no more. Has all original chassis, Rakish

body, Facel Vega wheels. Highly exciting in period.

Transferrable Number available on retention.

£2,995 Number extra

1947 Mercedes 170 Special
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