Classic Cars For Sale

We will buy or sell "T" types from stock or to order.  Classics & oddballs that we like, or complete collections.  We buy globally and all cars are put though our workshop before sale.  We hope we can offer our stock at more reasonable prices than most and can usually offer delivery in the price. 

I've decided to create space for the work that is coming though our doors, MG's, Race cars, Classics of all types.  We are not presently open to do work,  so these sales cars are at or well below their cost to me.  I'm very dealable.  

MG TC Race Car

TC Race Car, Ally Panels,  LSD, All correct suspension mods, a very well known race car Derrington manifold 1 3/4 S U's,  Special brakes, very quick engine is fully modified 1350 or a less modified  unit can be supplied/  I paid £20k for it, make a silly, not too silly offer.  

This lovely Citroen 2 CV Dolly has undergone a very nice restoration at some point. It has more performance than most, don't know why, but it's quicker than some others! It has a lovely body,  interior, galvanised chassis, boot rack and a large history file. These cars are rising in value very quickly and I love em!  £9,995

And it has room for a bike!!

(plums and custard?)

Retro Corner...  Practical Classics

Subaru Justy

You've forgotten these 1200cc FWD! Switchable! 34K I love these, a low milage lovely example. They have MX5 performance. Cheeky, quick and great off-roaders. Beautiful inside and out. It rubbishes 205's - and is rare. £4,250

Rover Metro

Rover Metro 1.1 1990 only 2 owners 1 Lady, 1 Doctor and 21000 miles,  full history and as new fabulous starter car.  £2500.  

1935 Y Type for special fitted with MG period P or J Body.  Built for hill climb sprints in the 50s/60s a family owned.  Running driving great vintage fun.  The Body is probably worth more than the car.    £6550.  

Ford Y Special

Citroen 2 CV Dolly

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