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Classic Cars For Sale

Ah well, another summer half over, and lots of fun in our cars, Alan in Jowetts ( he has a collection...) Stella in her TF 1500 and 1100 me in my ( er, too modern to say but it begins with an M and its a race car!)  MGA. So many customers, and cars. From servicing to total rebuilds of T types, 2 MGA's a TD and a clutch of Citroen Light 15s, plus our lovely cars. If they are too dear, make a silly offer - I might be generous.

We are building a TR4 race car for John and customer Roy haunts us with buns.You are always welcome for a chat or a bad joke, or just give us a tinkle on the Dog.( for those who are linguistically challenged that's cockney rhyming slang for Dog and Bone - phone!

1947 Mercedes 170 Special


Built for his wedding in 1960, the owner has kept it

ever since. It may be described as Interesting and

ready for a brave person to reconstruct. Original

engine no more. Has all original chassis, Rakish

body, Facel Vega wheels. Highly exciting in period.

Transferrable Number available on retention.

£2,995 Number extra


1925 BULLNOSE MORRIS COWLEY, 1 owner 50 years brought back from Aussieland, smart interior, mag engine, lovely body, runs well. My favourite. £11,500


1928 CHEVROLET TOURER 1 RHD 4 cyl, Gorgeous condition, all correct same history as the Morris. £11,500


1936 MORRIS 8 TOURER in scrumptious condition, all leather interior and a mini show winner. £11,500


 1952 CITROEN BIG 15. RHD. Slough built rarity. 1 owner for 50 years. He had fitted the later ID19 unit with 4 speed box. RHD. In very nice condition and performing at modern expectances. Lovely brown leather interior ‘sun roof’ original wood dash.These are rare, large and family usable. The handling is exemplory. A very nice example with all the right improvements £13,995

I have another Traction. A 1952 light 15. LHD. I use this most weekends. I have had the floors replaced by the main Citroen restorer (4k) and the head is the block is ID19. This lady lifts her skirts! But I have too many Citroens (or even cars!) so she has to go. Totally reliable and in nice condition.with good interior and paint. Not dear at £12,950

See Stella and I at Beaulieu Stand G223


For Sale

I have about 20 XPAG engines , cranks, and T type spares for sale in used and  un running condition from £1000. Please enquire.

Alan can supply rebuilt units for any T Type and to any specification.

Collection and delivery from anywhere in Europe .

Id like to sell the lot if you feel you would like to get into the XPAG world. 

We rebuild SU s and supply Derrington original and new inlet and exhaust manifolds. 

We set up vintage race cars and can build your dream from scratch.

Long chats and sharing of experiences and bullshit along with old jokes, 

in fact, if its old, its probably been worked on by us.

Try us , youll like the outcome.

Hope fully....




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