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1969 WOLSELEY VANDEN PLAS I bought this a few years ago to use and did for a bit. It is very, very unusual. £7000 was spent on it in the 90’s including an Oselli fast road 1350 engine. This gives the car some real performance. But it has the oh so very rare Minisport 5 speed close ratio gearbox. This Minisport say they only know of 3 left as the boxes were

used for race cars. I’ve had the leather seats reupholstered, and refinished the wood cappings that need to be fitted. The engine and box are in excellent condition  being fully balanced with special pistons and have huge value. The car is in very good but not entirely mint shape, but doesn’t appear to have any major corrosion being well undersealed for protection. A rare car, but with its condition and specification, supported by invoices and history, I'd like to see a reasonable $6,500

Austin A 40 Farina

1961 A40 FARINA REVIVAL PIT CREW CAR. Watching Revival you will see the Giant slaughterers, A40 Farinas cruising past Jaguars, Mustangs, big stuff. Well here is the A40 one on the winning team used as Pit Transport. It has the most original body and trim I’ve ever seen, never been restored or re-trimmed, the car looks as though its a year old. Fantastic, find another like it. Perfect seats, boot and fittings. Superb, Grannies shopper, but...Grannie lowered this one, fitted a stage b2 1098 engine, 3 branch manifold, Big SU carb and wonderful period Weller wheels... like this one has...well, Pit crew would, wouldn’t they. Superb to see, smashing to drive  £9,995

Citroen 2CV Bedouin

This is the best 2CV I’ve had. Apart from being a superb car to see and drive, it has a 24 page folder of A4 pictures showing its entire body off restoration. Bare metal, new floors, galvanised chasis, new trim and all correct. Pics of it all happening!! And top down and St Trop bound too! £10,950


For Sale

I have about 20 XPAG engines , cranks, and T type spares for sale in used and  un running condition from £1000. Please enquire.

Alan can supply rebuilt units for any T Type and to any specification.

Collection and delivery from anywhere in Europe .

Id like to sell the lot if you feel you would like to get into the XPAG world. 

We rebuild SU s and supply Derrington original and new inlet and exhaust manifolds. 

We set up vintage race cars and can build your dream from scratch.

Long chats and sharing of experiences and bullshit along with old jokes, 

in fact, if its old, its probably been worked on by us.

Try us , youll like the outcome.

Hope fully....




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