Classic Cars For Sale

We will buy or sell "T" types from stock or to order.  Classics & oddballs that we like, or complete collections.  We buy globally and all cars are put though our workshop before sale.  We hope we can offer our stock at more reasonable prices than most and can usually offer delivery in the price. 

I've decided to create space for the work that is coming though our doors, MG's, Race cars, Classics of all types.  We are not presently open to do work,  so these sales cars are at or well below their cost to me.  I'm very dealable.  

Triumph TR6

Totally rebuilt from a dry state car into this fabulous RHD TR6. It was professional body off rebuild to the highest of standards, everything new or reconditioned. Superb body, chassis and all matching leather interior, new carbs, rebuilt O.D. box, wood rimed wheel, all unused weather equipment, Minilite rep wheels, and so much more. Less than 500 miles since it was rebuilt and its gorgeous. This must rate as one of the best TR6s about, much more to tell if you ring. 


MGB Roadster 1977

Terrific chrome bumper car converted by a leading MG company, owned and cherished for 9 years with as many sensible upgrades as you could wish for, suspension, all leather interior, new wings, lovely underneath, Minilite rep wheels, oh and 45 DCEO. This car pulls like a train and is the ultimate long distance classic MGB. To coin an old phrase, it’s a Belter I love it. wheels, and so much more.  £10,995

MG TC Race Car

TC Racer Although there has been much interest in my ex-championship and well known T.C. race car, I don’t want the part xs offered. It is already very cheap and has so many rare and expensive parts I’m not giving it away. L.S.D. Derrington inlet and ex. manifolds, 13/4 50s vented brakes, trampbars, telescopics, alloy panels, 72 spoke 14 wheels, Avon 22R. To build this would cost 50k but it’s a proven car. It can be sold as a rolling chassis all complete but less engine, or with a less modified engine or whatever combination you wish. It’s very cheap and will give you lots of fun, road or competition.   Also available with with a modified XPEG Genuine 1500 Engine or any combination all under £20k


For Sale

We have 3 XPAG engines for sale.


One has been rebuilt , not by us, but we've stripped it and it is fine and un run, That is £2995,


Two used and running units that have been removed to be be replaced by larger units £2250 each,

Also a Y type Gearbox, told to be rebuilt, but not tested, £200.00




(Stock Photo.)

Ford Y Special

1935 Y Type for special fitted with MG period P or J Body.  Built for hill climb sprints in the 50s/60s a family owned.  Running driving great vintage fun.  The Body is probably worth more than the car.    £5,250.  

Locust (Lotus 7 type) Kit Car

With 2 gearboxes, pinto engine, rolling chassis, all bodywork, full cage, simple completion for garage bound retiree £1,750

Retro Corner...  Practical Classics

Subaru Justy Van

Subaru Justy Van No. You’ve still about as far as we know. It’s just like the saloon, around 60,000 miles, in lovely condition and with a superb interior. It drives like an MX5 and has a switchable 4wd system. I like odd balls, ask my wife.... fun £1,850

Lada Niva

The forgotten 4 wheel drive miracle of the 80s. Still made and sold all over Europe. But to find a RHD one is so rare now especially with cossack wheels, and to find one that has never been welded rarer still. I used them in the 80s and the constant 2 speed 4WD got a lot of embarrassed drivers in flash 4wd out of trouble.They are rugged and terrific off and on road cars, far superior to these piddly little Pandas. Buy rare, buy fun £4,950

Austin J40 Pedal Car

J40 Although Revival has been put on hold, it will be back and so will the race for young G.P. hopefuls in the lovely J40 pedal cars, and here is one. It has a fully prepared painted body and most parts, missing lights, bumpers & seat covers, all available from the Vintage Pedal Car Company. An easy, cheap entry to Revival and your protégée G.P. driver can help you build it, all ready for next years Goodwood romp. £1,850

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