• Barrie Carter

Updated: Jul 2, 2021


Well here we are just out of another lockdown and another generation taken over. I've handed the over the job of heading this motley assembly of super enthusiasts to Alan Bartlett. Alan has a large collection of vintage Jowetts but we'll forgive him for that - and a TC to fill his leisure time. Alan is one of the rare breed of MG 'T' and 'A' knowledgeable technicians and he's been with me for years preparing TA/B/C/D and F types and preparing TR/TC and MGA race cars from chassis up to winning cars

and he's only 32.

And in order to enable youngsters to contract the disease we all have, 1 apprentice via the

Heritage Skills Academy, and another who will be. Bursting with enthusiasm and energy, they are on the learning curve which never ends.

These are orchestrated by Stella, the wandering secretary, once a customer in Australia, now a family friend, who came to us after the passing of my dear wife. She owns a TF 1500 which she has here, she not only keeps the boys in order but curbs the mutterings of the octagenarian ( you don't have to be 80 to be an octagenarian!) creeping about on his zimmer and saying encouraging things like " in my day..."

And feeding coffee and sarnies to hanger on customers who, if here for more than 5 mins are given a spanner and set to work.

Some keep coming back,

One camps outside

So - that's the line up - here's what they can do for you - 'T' type vintage and classic support from ground up restoration to race preparation.

And this is Louise, and her MGB, who always comes here for her servicing- and she brightens up our day!!

This is one of our second-hand XPAG engines - we have about 20 including cranks, blocks etc, many spares, all for sale, or we can rebuild them for you to any specification.

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