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Enthusiastic work by Enthusiastic People!
We’ve been immersed in MG’s for 60 years now, with the occasional F1 and F2 car thrown in, and carried out major rebuilds on every period of motorised transport since. ( from Edwardian to Classic). We can cover all services from white metalling to full race engines and all the associated services in between – nothing is too much -  so far!
Our true love is “T” Type MG’s- and we have in store around 20 XPAG engines and copious amounts of T Type spares.
Whilst we specialize in T Type and pre 1980 MG’s, we are also skilled in all other aspects of classic car restoration, including engine  and ground-up rebuilds.

Hi. You've probably heard of my supposed retirement. Partially true, I now seem to be the boy round here., but I'm umbilically connected  to my chronic disease, and I'll still be here for advice and sales and anything my aged body will let me do. My beautiful race car has been sold to Nick Lyford - he stole it from me at a ridiculous price but I know it will be used for the purpose it was intended. Good luck Nick, and thanks. We still have many XPAG engines for sale, now augmented with a large quantity of Coventry Climax Godiva engines, which will fit all the early Lotus...Elva....Buckler..Herald and Sprite et al. These engines powered many race cars and specials of the 50's and 60's and are used today in many Historics. They are ex WD tank starter motor engines in excellent condition and with service history. All 4 hours or less. At £375.00 each, they are a gift.

As you see, cars are moving in and out and we have 3 in the workshop for race preparation - a TR4, a Midget and an MGA. We would be happy for you to take advantage of our 60 years of race car preparation to MG care.

Please ring up and chat to Barrie, because he has nothing else to do and he will tell you tales of the F1 teams he has worked with and the people you have forgotten and probably never knew.

Hope to hear from you.




 We are still restoring , and selling T types and MGs of all models. We have extensive spares and engines in various conditions for sale

We can deliver and collect any where in Europe by the ever so smart and dapper Anthony

Anything from a set of points to a rebuild by our lovely Alan, I tell him what to do, then duck from flying spanners. At least we now have Seb  (see my blog!)who can bend to pick them up off the floor.......

So that's a teeny bit of what we can do for you. Up to you now. I don't know who's the best at this but I know my competitors and reckon we're bloody good!!!

AND....we are thrilled to introduce you to our new look..........
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