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We’ve been immersed in MG’s for 60 years now, with the occasional F1 and F2 car thrown in, and carried out major rebuilds on every period of motorised transport since. ( from Edwardian to Classic). We can cover all services from white metalling to full race engines and all the associated services in between – nothing is too much -  so far!
Our true love is “T” Type MG’s- and we have in store around 20 XPAG engines and copious amounts of T Type spares.
Whilst we specialize in T Type and pre 1980 MG’s, we are also skilled in all other aspects of classic car restoration, including engine  and ground-up rebuilds.


Hi Fans!

Well, we seem to have had a bit of a gap in our Webb lately. This is because our wandering Sec. is in Australia, and the pigeon keeps getting lost on the way with the blurb.

During lock down, or as my DCW, disagreeable cleaning woman if you recall wifeys non de plume,named it, Wine tasting era, Alan was beavering away on his many pre war Jowetts, and I was rebuilding our garden shed and toy cupboard, rendered rather loose by lorries and cars whos drivers think that the period should be called The Race Your Vehicle, period.

But behind the scenes when we were allowed out of the cage, we were rebuilding the TD of Roy, who delights in appearing to watch his rebuild before disappearing with a portable part of his car that comes back beautifully painted for installation. Hes applied for a job here.Sorry Roy, you'd show us up!



Martyn's TC which came in for an oil change and is now undergoing  a new body tub and pretty bits.


My racing days are over. DCW says that  at 79  I'm too old, shes had enough worry, so I told her to leave home....  But here it is, all rebuilt, looking lovely and ready to go, so....

My Race MGA is having its engine rebuilt at one of the best builders in the UK and should be ready in a week or so.  Eligible for just about all the main series, Equipe GTS, Gentleman drivers, Un-gentleman Drivers.... and much more. Engine rebuilt and sealed at 1840cc by RAC scrutineer during rebuild, Just about FIA spec except L tyres, which I wont use for personal reasons, but it has 4 sets of wheels and tyres, inc a one race set of Yoko 0053Rs, Avons, etc. 

All suspension and chassis rebuilt to period specs, Quaife, S .Cut CR box,Full width dash, Full Harness, correct roll cage, etc., repainted for the first time since it won 2 championships in the 90's

It handles superbly, especially in the wet and is a dream to drive. Road registered and extremely well known for many years in MG circles as a front runner.

That will be about £35K but I don't expect ill get it, so il keep it.


My MG TC that I bought for a hooligan road car is having a genuine XPEG fitted with lots of mods to it. Please no gigglers or anonymous cowardly offer for bits of it, so tiresome.  Its a scruffy ex championship winning TC that has everything but the Proverbial fitted to it and can be a screamer on the road ,track, or speed events. 

And with the XPEG and all its quick bits? Less than 20k.

I Love Nivas and this is the only un-welded one I've seen for many years.

When the snow comes, you'll regret not buying it. Agricultural , constant 4WD, Ive pulled Range Rovers out with them.

The TR 6 is stunning , as is the MGB. It's 2ltrs,  quick and handles superbly and looks it too.

We have 3 XPAG engines for sale. One has been rebuilt , not by us, but weve stripped it and it is fine and un-run, Thats £2995, 2 used and running units that have been removed to be be replaced by larger units £2250 each, A Y type Gearbox, told to be rebuilt, but not tested, £200. A TR6 Standard gearbox. £225. A TR6 Rack looks good, £150

We are still restoring , and selling T types and MGs of all models. We have extensive spares and engines in various conditions for sale

We can deliver and collect any where in Europe by the every so smart and dapper Tony

Anything from a set of points to a rebuild by our lovely Alan, I tell him what to do, then duck from flying spanners.I must admit , his grasp of the lower descriptive words used to explain things were never in my English exams.

Ring soon, I'm getting older.....​​

AND....we are thrilled to introduce you to our new look..........

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