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We’ve been immersed in MG’s for 60 years now, with the occasional F1 and F2 car thrown in, and carried out major rebuilds on every period of motorised transport since. ( from Edwardian to Classic). We can cover all services from white metalling to full race engines and all the associated services in between – nothing is too much -  so far!
Our true love is “T” Type MG’s- and we have in store around 20 XPAG engines and copious amounts of T Type spares.
Whilst we specialize in T Type and pre 1980 MG’s, we are also skilled in all other aspects of classic car restoration, including engine  and ground-up rebuilds.


Hi Fans!

Here we are in lock down with Alan, an avid non gardener trimming his window box and putting Keep off the Grass signs on it, and me clearing out garden sheds and wondering why I ever bought the festering crap I've just hurled into the bin. Though we are not residing at work, we are getting a fair few enquiries,

Before we left we had started to build a TR 4 race car for Stuart, a TC for Ian our British Consul in Puerto Rico, a 1920s BMW Austin 7, Roy's TD with one of our special XPAG engines and Frank's Y-type,  a few other jobs that keep Alan off street corners, 

You may see that we have MGs as our main interest, though at my almost octogenarian years, I have unstoppable enthusiasm for most classics, they never were when I used to tend them 60 years ago.

So, we have 4 XPAG engines to build, and we have a huge stock of those for rebuilding to any specification, from standard to full race.I may even sell an engine for own rebuild., something I've never done. 

Speaking of wins -I have to say the MGOC Castle Coombe race on July 6 was a win all round - superbly organised and the welcome by Jim Baynam and his team was exceptional. A wonderful day's racing in a friendly atmosphere. 
AND....we are thrilled to introduce you to our new look..........

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